Spring Session Overview

Age Groups: 7U-14U
Season: April through July


The youth divisions are open to girls 7U, 8U, 10U (combined 9U and 10U), 12U (combined 11U and 12U) and 14U (combined 13U and 14U), younger ages are considered training league and operate under their own set of unique rules and guidelines.


Eureka Sports Association offers different levels of competition within each age group for 7U divisions and above. 
  • Blue - Select
  • Red - Competitive
  • White - Recreational


Our association schedules each team to play 12 league games. Blue level teams will initially be scheduled Monday through Thursday as these teams play tournaments and play less during the weekends.


It is important for teams to rank themselves before the season begins and evaluate their talent from year to year so Coordinators/Commissioners can rank your team in a division that will allow the best competition.


For all other rules please see the STLWest Rule Book.
Note: Teams can change their ranking from year to year as individual teams progress and evolve from season to season.

2022 Softball Age Groups


To register as a coach contact our registration coordinator. 
There is no fee to be a coach.
ESA will conduct a background check for all coaches, including assistant coaches, no exceptions


Youth League
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Sarah George