ESA Park Covid Requirements 2021

Updated March 29, 2021 
Eureka Sports Association will follow the Youth Sports Guidelines set forth by St. Louis County to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is critical our coaches, teams, umpires, and spectators adhere to the restrictions and rules listed below. The health and safety of your children, coaches, and families are our highest priority. 

Covid Requirements 
1. MASKS Everyone entering and leaving ESA should wear masks. Players and officials can take masks off while playing, however, everybody else including coaches, players on the bench, and all spectators must keep masks on while at the facility. 

2. SCREENING The manager is responsible for performing the required health screening for all players and coaches on his/her roster prior to each practice or game. This process may be delegated to an Assistant Coach or Covid Dugout Monitor. Once completed, the coach will submit an online form stating all participants have been screened. Teams must maintain a list of the players & coaches in attendance, date, time, and contact information for all participants and spectators. Teams must be able to provide this information if requested by St. Louis County 

3. COACH LIMIT Teams are limited to 2 Coaches per team per St. Louis County guidelines. Additionally, teams may have a Covid Dugout Monitor. 

4. WATER & SEEDS Team water and shared jugs are not allowed. Players must provide their own drinks, including water. No sunflower seeds. No gum. No spitting.

5. DUGOUTS Dugouts may only be used for games. 
○ Players are to try and maintain social distancing while in the dugout. ○ Parents, siblings, and fans are NOT permitted in the dugout area. 
○ Teams are required to clean their dugout of all trash and other items after each game. 

6. EQUIPMENT Each player is strongly encouraged to have his/her own glove and helmet. Any shared equipment (e.g., bats, catchers gear) should be disinfected before/after each use. 

7. GROUND RULES will be conducted observing 6-foot social distancing and will include one manager from each team, and the umpire. Players are not permitted at ground rules. Coaches should be prepared to verify that they completed their team health screening report.

8. HAND SANITIZER Teams/Players should have their own hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and utilize dispensers located throughout the park as needed. 9. AFTER GAME No handshakes, team meetings after the game.